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InkFlows and Inks

InkFlows and Inks

Fotospeed were one of the first companies to bring a truly usable Inkflow to the market. We have been producing Inkflows for over 12 years now and can provide an Inkflow for almost all Epson Desktop printers. (If you cannot see an Inkflow for your printer, simply contact us and we will source one for you)

Along with our high quality Inkflows are our Fotospeed Dye and Pigment inks. All Fotospeed Inkflows have a lifetime warranty on all parts, so you know your Inkflow will last!. 

Fotospeed R3000 InkFlow Five Star Amateur Photographer award



Benfits of a Fotospeed Inkflow;


* Save up to 80% on your ink costs!

* Tubed systems and Tubless systems available.

* All systems are supplied with all plastic parts and a FULL tank of printer specific dye or 125ml of pigment inks as required.

* The finest quality and consistency is assured as we use only US approved inks HG & 4K.

* No more wasted cartridges in the bin, no more money down the drain.

* Can be installed in less than 30mins.

* Free custom and generic profiling.

* Free A3 Test pack of Fotospeed paper.


Fotospeed offer a COMPLETLY FREE fitting service at our Main offices in Corsham (Just outside of Bath) for your Inkflow. This involves, Fitting your new Inkflow, Testing your printer and answering any questions of queries you may have about your new system.

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