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Colour Mismanagement

All devices capable of displaying colour do so using their own interpretation. Therefore they are all different. Walk into a TV showroom and watch a row of screens all showing the same channel but displaying different colour. Each is interpreting colour its own individual way. The same is true of computer monitors and, more crucially, inkjet printers. This individual interpretation is the reason you (quite likely) don't get what you see on screen represented on your paper output.

Colour Management
Implementing colour management ensures that your colour maintains its integrity from capture through to output. By implementing ICC profiling at the printing stage of the process, coupled with calibration and profiling of your monitor you can ensure that your colour is carried from source to destination independent of the devices being used and with total accuracy. Fotospeed can provide a bespoke profiling service that will guarantee accurate, consistent colour throughout your output process.

We can do this all for you remotely using Log Me In.

If you are unsure or slightly confused with regards setting your colour settings in Photoshop and switching off colour management in your print driver, for a small fee of £15 we can do it all for you.

Simply call us on 01249 714555 and select technical support. We will direct you to the correct webpage and take control of your mouse, set all your settings correctly and print off you test chart. All you have to do is fill in the supplied booking form and pop it in the post along with the test chart that we print off for you.

Generic Profiles?

Until now we hadn’t offered generic profiles as we consider generic profiles to be hit and miss whether it produces accurate results as batch to batch older models of printer have inconsistent print heads. The more recent models of Epson printer including models R3000 R2880 and Pro 3880 have however rectified these inconsistent print heads and chances are, our generic profiles will be perfectly suitable for these models. So, by popular demand we can now offer generic profiles for  the majority of Epson Semi professional and professional printers and for all of our Fotospeed brand papers. We envisage building this area over time and hope to be able to offer profiles for many other papers as time goes by. It must be stressed however that a custom ICC Profile is highly recommended as it will be tailored to your exact needs. This service is offered for all Fotospeed, Hahnemuhle and Canson brand papers.

Click Here for generic profiles

If you are using and Fotospeed distributed paper, on any printer, our custom profiling  service is free of charge.

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