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We all know that photography is just as much an art, a passion, a creative discipline, as a practical demonstration of the chemistry. We also know that sometimes a little magic is needed to create that unique image. Sometimes that magic is a technique discovered by error, sometimes through persistant trial and error in the alchemist's office known to us all as the darkroom.

You'll find some tips and hints to help you quickly discover that bit of magic needed to turn a good photograph into a truly great print.

Black & White Printing Tips
Written by and Copyright of Les McLean. Covering the negative, correct exposure, development of the film, fixing the print, washing prints, split grade printing, printing thin negatives and drying fibre prints.

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Alternative Process Tips
Covers making Contact negatives via Direct Duplicating Film, Lith Film and via computer scanning and OHP printing, choosing suitable papers for Alternative process prints, Coating using rod or brush, and using Raw Chemistry.

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Tips & Hints to Toning
Covers choosing a paper, controlling image density, split toning and suggestions for toner combinations, general hints for Fotospeed Palette Toner and Sepia Toner, bleaching, Toning using Fotospeed Blue, Copper/Red, Sepia Toner Bleach, Selenium, Gold and Antique Dye, and finally masking and toning using Fotomask and Fotodyes.

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