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Peter Yeo: Start the year right!

Posted: 22 Jan 2020

Peter was introduced to photography whilst training as a Royal Air Force Apprentice at RAF Hereford in the mid-1950s. At first his intention was to record the many interesting places his Service career was to take him during 33 years in uniform.  Gradually he turned to more pictorial representation of the places he visited in Europe, the Middle and Far East.

Most photographers who give talks to camera clubs or photographic societies are also invited to judge competitions or act as selectors for exhibitions.  In my experience it appears that many club photographers put their cameras away after the summer holiday, or perhaps after the autumn colours have faded away, only to bring them out again around Easter.  


1. Brinkhill: Gently rolling countryside with winter barley showing through.


Missing Out 


It seems to me that in doing so they are missing out on some of the best opportunities for photographs.  The many misty or foggy days from November onwards, or snowy landscapes if you are lucky enough to get snow where you live, provide subject matter we should all be seeking out and taking advantage of. With this in mind, I decided that I would ‘start the year right’ and get out with a camera on 1st January 2020 no matter what the Met Office threw at me. 


1.2. A cover-crop of sunflowers for seeds to help fatten pheasants, with maize to provide shelter for them, as well as food to keep the birds in good condition


I live in Lincolnshire, about 50 miles from the coast, and between home and the sea lie the Lincolnshire Wolds. This area of gently rolling hills shelters tiny villages and a great deal of farmland.  If you enjoy a pint then the chances are that the barley from which it is brewed will have come from this region. The area is also home to seven rivers, adding to the uniqueness of this area for photography.


1.3 A farm on a hilltop near Brinkhill


New Year Photography 


The 1st of January began as a rather dull and overcast day, so it was essential that I used my Gitzo tripod, especially as I intended to use my 50 to 140mm zoom, with a x1.4 converter on my Fuji X-T2, to pick out details, rather than take wide vistas.  With the camera tripod-mounted, I was able to select 200ISO and small apertures in the f11 to f16 range, to get as much depth of field as possible. Later in the morning, a weak sun tried to break through, so I tried shooting hand-held at f5.6 to f8. This could have been foolhardy but I felt it was worth taking the risk of camera shake so that I could make tiny variations in framing that would have been difficult using a tripod, and certainly more time-consuming.


1.4 A copse near Brinkhill.


It has been said many times that "there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing", so dress to keep warm and dry, put on your wellies or walking boots and get out there ..... masterpieces await!


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