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Photography tips

Why photographers (even the professionals!) should attend photography workshops

Posted: 31 Mar 2017

Photography workshops aren’t just for beginners and hobby photographers – there are plenty of reasons why professional photographers should consider attending them too. The benefits of these workshops are huge, particularly when they focus on specific areas of photography or specific skills or techniques. Attending photography workshops is a great way to brush up on your skills, learn new ones, and meet new people, as well as being a worthwhile investment in your career if you’re a professional photographer or are looking to make the move.

Here are just a few of the benefits you gain from attending photography workshops.



By attending photography workshops, you’ll be exposed to a whole new range of things that will reinvigorate your passion for creating photos. Whether it’s working with influential photographers or shooting in a new and exciting location, a photography workshop is an opportunity to dive right into new experiences, which will no doubt leave you feeling inspired when you leave!


New skills

Photography is all about seeing things with a different perspective – we’re constantly looking for new and interesting ways to look at something. Developing new skills is important for photographers because it gives you the tools to create novel and original images. Attending photography workshops is a great way to develop these tools. Whether you’re looking to develop skills to take with you on a shoot, advice on shooting in a particular genre, editing skills, or the tools to create beautiful prints, there’s guaranteed to be a photography workshop that can help you learn something new.


Hands on experience

It’s all well and good trying learn something new by reading up on it and then giving it a go yourself, but sometimes nothing beats that classroom environment which gives you hands on experience right from the offset. One of the great advantages of hands on experience is that you’re much more likely to pick up your new skills quickly and easily. By putting your knowledge into practice straight away, the skills you’ve learnt are much more likely to stay with you longer.


New connections

One of the benefits of attending photography workshops is spending time with like-minded individuals and meeting new people in your field. During a workshop, you’ll make many new connections from all over and at all stages in their photography journey. Whether they turn out to be business connections, mentors, or life-long friends, spending a day sharing your passion with others is the best way to meet new people.


Constructive criticism

Attending a photography workshop means you have access to one of the best resources a photographer can have – other photographers! When you share your images with other experienced individuals, you have the enormous benefit of expert opinions and constructive criticism from your peers and the workshop leader. A photography workshop isn’t about preaching and instruction – it’s about everyone working together and helping each other to create truly amazing images.


The opportunity to develop your own style

You might all learn the same techniques and skills, but a photography workshop isn’t about producing the same results. The objective of attending photography workshops is to further your own personal approach to creating photographs. Dedicating time purely to learning without having to worry about meeting deadlines or whether a client will like your images means that you have a genuine opportunity to experiment and develop your own style.


The Fotospeeed Academy provides practical workshops tutored by professional photographers and image makers. We work with inspiring photographers to provide a range of workshops and always ensure that you leave with a print you are proud of. Find out more about the Fotospeed Academy and our upcoming workshop.


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