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How do I prime my cartridges?

  Ink Flow FAQ's  -     After filling the cartridges with ink, use the syringe with the priming e > more

Why is it important to prime the cartridges?

  Ink Flow FAQ's  -   Priming your cartridges ensures there is not an airlock in the cartridge which can > more

What do I do if my cartridge is leaking? - Why do they leak? How do I order a replacement cartridge?

  Ink Flow FAQ's  - You will occasionally find that a cartridge will leak ink from the underside. This happens wh > more

How do the chips work?

  Ink Flow FAQ's  -   The chips work in the same way as all others in that they don’t know how much > more

How do the chips re-set?

  Ink Flow FAQ's  -   The chips will go down and down in percentage full that they are reading until they > more

Why do the chips fail?

  Ink Flow FAQ's  -   The chips can fail because of a couple of different reasons, the main one being wea > more

Why does my computer ink status monitor not match my printer ink levels?

  Ink Flow FAQ's  -   One of the disadvantages of using a refillable cartridge system is that the cartrid > more

One of my cartridges has run empty - what do I do?

  Ink Flow FAQ's  -   If one of the cartridges has run completely empty the first step it to refill and r > more

Information on ink change chips (spare MK & PK)

  Ink Flow FAQ's  -   If you are using a Fotospeed inkflow system with an Epson SC-P600 or R3000, you wil > more

Why do the colours in my print not match the colours I am seeing on my screen?

  Profiling and Calibrating FAQ's  -    This could be due to a couple of different things. The > more

Why are my images printing dark in comparison with my screen?

  Profiling and Calibrating FAQ's  -    If you notice you are getting dark prints, the first th > more

What is a custom ICC profile and why is it important?

  Profiling and Calibrating FAQ's  -    An ICC (International Colour Consortium) profile is a c > more

How do I make a custom ICC profile?

  Profiling and Calibrating FAQ's  -    To create a custom profile you will need to print out o > more

How often should I re-profile? How will I know when my profile no longer matches up with my printer

  Profiling and Calibrating FAQ's  -    How often you need to profile is dependent on your prin > more

What is the difference between a generic profile and a custom profile?

  Profiling and Calibrating FAQ's  -    As mentioned above, each printer interprets colours sli > more

Where can I find the generic profiles for my paper/printer?

  Profiling and Calibrating FAQ's  -    Please click HERE to go to the page on our website with > more

Why is it important to calibrate my monitor? How do I do this?

  Profiling and Calibrating FAQ's  -    It is important to calibrate the monitor you are using > more

Adobe Colour Print Utility

  Profiling and Calibrating FAQ's  -    I can’t get the Adobe Colour Print Utility to ope > more

The test chart is showing as smaller than an A4 size in Photoshop. How do I adjust this?

  Profiling and Calibrating FAQ's  -    The file of the test chart should fit exactly onto an A > more

What messages will I get from the printer and what do they mean?

  General Queries   -      As you use your printer, you will find a number of messages appe > more

Ink - Dye or Pigment? Advantages/disadvantages of each

  General Queries   -    The main difference between dye and pigment inks is that dye ink is a solu > more

What is dot gain?

  General Queries   -    Dot gain, also known as Tonal Value Increase (TVI), is the spread of ink o > more

What is bronzing and Gloss Differential?

  General Queries   -    Bronzing is where, when paper is viewed from an angle, part of the image s > more

What is a rendering intent and which should I be using?

  General Queries   -    Rendering intent describes four different modes in which colour management > more

What is soft proofing?

  General Queries   -    Soft proofing takes into account the printer profile you are applying when > more

What is the difference between CMYK, RGB and sRGB?

  General Queries   -    CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black which are the primary co > more

What PPI (pixels per inch) / DPI (dots per inch) should I be using?

  General Queries   -    Pixels per inch (PPI) is the measurement of the resolution of an electroni > more

Why is my printer only printing half an image?

  General Queries   -      This can be caused by a number of things, some of which include; > more

Why is my printer doing a head clean before each print?

  General Queries   -      If you are finding that your printer is going into automatic hea > more

How can I find out how full my printers waste ink pads are?

  Waste Ink Pads FAQ's   -      You can measure how full your printers waste ink pads a > more

What do I do if my printers waste ink pads are showing as full ?

  Waste Ink Pads FAQ's   -    If your waste ink counters are showing as full and you are unable > more

How do I test which side of the paper is the printing side up?

  Paper Queries   -    Each box of Fotospeed paper should have a Printing Side Up sheet inside. The > more

What is the best way to store my paper?

  Paper Queries   -    The best way to store your paper is in a cool, dark place away from sunlight > more

What do I do if I notice my paper has curled?

  Paper Queries   -    Paper curl is a very common issue due to a number of reasons. To start with, > more

How do I print using the Fotospeed panoramic paper?

  Paper Queries   -    When printing with the panoramic paper, you don’t need a specific temp > more

How do I clear blocked nozzles on my printer?

  Paper Queries   -    If you have blocked nozzles which aren’t clearing by doing head cleans > more

Why can't I print border-less using a custom size?

  Paper Queries   -    A lot of printer drivers are unable to print completely borderless when a cu > more

What do I set my Printer Media Type to?

  Paper Queries   -    If you are struggling to know which media type to set your printer to, see o > more

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