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Colin New

Photography specialism:



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Fotospeed Platinum Baryta 300gsm and Photo Smooth Pearl 290gsm


Colin New was born in Alton, Hampshire but moved to Yorkshire in his late teens. This is where he now lives and works.

His professional training was at Bretton Hall where he studied music, art and literature before embarking on a career in education.  Although all the clichés about childhood box brownies are true in his case (for him it was a Coronet box camera given to him by his father when he was 9) it wasn’t until he chanced on the work of John Blakemore that it dawned on him that photography might be something important.  This meeting – combined with an exhibition of the work of Edward Weston in the local art gallery in the same week – changed his life.  Prior to these events he had dabbled in the darkroom, but from the time he saw the work of these artists, he decided that he too must try and use photography to show his thoughts, feelings and emotions about life.

Colin took a fairly conventional route into photography – he joined a photographic society, entered club and national competitions before moving on to the world of salons and internationals.  He spent many hours in the darkroom, before cautiously emerging in to the light and tip toeing into the world of digital photography.  Most of his work is now digitally based.

Colin is a regular lecturer on the photo club circuit. He has lectured for the RPS and for the National Museum of Photography.  He has also had solo exhibitions in London, Harrogate, Bradford, Buxton and Barnsley as well as contributing to countless group exhibitions. Colin is a member of the prestigious London Salon of Photography and is past chairman of GAMMA.

Throughout his career he has been told he should specialise, but his camera club background bred in him the urge to try many aspects of photography – “I really do not want to be categorised in a neat little box and type cast – I am having too much fun moving from people photography, to landscape, to flowers, to documentary, to travel photography and back again” he says.  In recent years Travel Photography has become a vital part of his output because it enables him to  combine many of the  different disciplines of the photographer. He has visited, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Namibia, India, Antarctica, the Lofoten Islands as well as Harris and Shetland.


Visit Colin's  Website to see more of his work here


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