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Sandy Cleland FRPS

Photography specialism:


Favoured papers:

Fotospeed Platinum Baryta 300gsm 


I have always since my very early childhood been interested in nature but it was really the television programmes such as ‘Look’ with Peter Scott and the ‘On Safari’ series with Armand and Michaela Dennis which kindled my passion to record nature on film.  My first venture into photography was when I was 13 with standard 8mm Cine film. 

I have been a member of Edinburgh Photographic Society for over 40 years and have held the positions of President and International Exhibition Secretary.  I am now the External Competition Secretary.

The Royal Photographic Society has also been very important to me and I became an Associate in 1980 and a Fellow in 1986.  Both awards were with nature slides.  I have also been involved with the Licentiateship Panel both as a panel member and a Chairman as well as being a member of the A & F panel for nature. At present, I am a member of the DAB.

In the past, I have tended to work on individual images but now I like to work on panels of subjects.  This in part is mainly due to digital as it is now much easier and less time consuming to produce prints.  With slides, it is not so easy to do panels as each slide is on the screen as an individual image, prints on the other hand can be more easily viewed and related as a panel.

Natural history has always been and still is my main interest but I enjoy all types of photography, especially subjects such as landscape and the more creative aspects of image making.

I have always enjoyed my hobby, visiting other clubs and meeting with kindred spirits.  Our hobby is full of extremely kind and wonderful people and I feel as enthusiastic about photography today as I did when I first started.  Today digital has given me a renaissance to my photography and I feel we should grasp it and its benefits and potential.


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