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Trevor Yerbury

Photography specialism:

Fine Art Nudes

Favoured papers:

Fotospeed Platinum Etching 285gsm and NST Bright White 315gsm


Trevor E R Yerbury is a 4th generation photographer currently based in Edinburgh – Scotland.

He has received many accolades during his career including Fellowships of 3 major photographic bodies and in 2014 received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the industry and was also invited to become a Fel­low of the Royal Pho­to­graphic Soci­ety, a rare hon­our.

President Derek Birch said: “This very special DIRECT Royal Society Fellowship honour is only ever given to individuals who have an international reputation.

A portrait photographer he specialises in Fine Art Nudes and has had, along with his wife and business partner Faye, had exhibitions of work in Edinburgh – London – Paris – Vancouver – Madrid – Valetta – Copenhagen as well as having work featured in many magazines and books.

In 2003, the Yerbury’s talent was commissioned to supply the entire artwork for the new 5* Glasshouse Hotel which comprised over 260 art nude images from their archive.

Tre­vor Yer­bury is a 4th gen­er­a­tion pho­to­grapher the busi­ness foun­ded by his great grand­father in Edin­burgh in 1864. Tre­vor was born in 1951 and joined the fam­ily busi­ness straight from board­ing school in 1969. He under­went a 4-year appren­tice­ship where he exper­i­enced work­ing in a day­light stu­dio, using tung­sten light­ing before stu­dio flash began to take over. In 1978 Tre­vor met Faye who was styl­ing a shoot he was on and they even­tu­ally got together in 1979 have been insep­ar­able ever since as hus­band and wife.

With such a his­tory in pho­to­graphy it is not sur­pris­ing that Tre­vor has a keen interest in

Vin­tage print­ing tech­niques espe­cially platinum/palladium print­ing, which he first

Experimented with back in the mid 80’s.

Tre­vor is pas­sion­ate that his work is simple and eleg­ant with a clas­sic, soph­ist­ic­ated look.

Trevor & Faye are highly respec­ted Inter­na­tional Chairman and Judges globally

 Trevor is Chair of qualifications and print competition for the Royal Photographic Society, Master Photographers Association, MPA Far East Singapore – SWPP – I Am Photographer Baltic States.

The Yerburys now devote much of their time to their seminar and workshop programme, convinced that education is essential for today’s professional photographer and they are committed to providing a platform and an environment in which all levels of photographers can come together and develop their own individual creative talents.


Exhibitions and Judging

Vancouver- London- Tallinn- Copenhagen- Edinburgh- Valletta- Paris- Cologne- Ghent- Dublin- Belfast-Tours- Lanzarote- Fuerteventura- Tunisia – Singapore

Regular contributor to magazine, books, television, radio and the Internet.

Visit Trevor's Website to see more of his work here


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