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Canon Ink

Canon Ink Generic Profiles

Generic profiles are great for testing out Fotospeed papers with your printer and ink combination. The generic profile however will never be as accurate as a Custom ICC Profile. We can make this for you Free of Charge with all the papers that we distribute.

Download our Fotospeed Profiling Pack to have a custom profile made.

Download the Adobe Color Print Utility (ACPU) specifically designed to print your targets without color management applied.

Fotospeed Profiling Pack   Adobe Color Print Utility

To download your chosen generic profile simply click on the paper type below in red. This will download a zip folder containing the profile and installation instructions


Photo Range

Photo Smooth Pearl 290 1FS_PhotoSmoothPearl290_CanonPro100_Generic
Metallic Pearl 295 1FS_MetallicPearl295_CanonPro100_Generic
Metallic Lustre 275 1FS_MetallicLustre275_CanonPro100_Generic
Metallic Gloss 275 1FS_MetallicGloss275_CanonPro100_Generic
PF Gloss 270 1FS_PFGloss_CanonPro100_Generic
PF Lustre 275 1FS_PFLustre_CanonPro100_Generic
PF Satin 270 1FS_PFSatin_CanonPro100_Generic
PF Lustre Duo 280 1FS_PFLustreDuo_CanonPro100_Generic
Matt Ultra 240 1FS_MattUltra_CanonPro100_Generic
Matt Proofing 170 1FS_Proofing_CanonPro100_Generic
Matt Duo 240 1FS_MattDuo_CanonPro100_Generic
PF Lustre 190 1FS_Lustre190_CanonPro100_Generic
Gloss 190 1FS_Gloss190_CanonPro100_Generic
Digital Contact Film 80 1FS_DCFilm_CanonPro100_Generic


Platinum Baryta 300 1FS_PlatBaryta_CanonPro100_Generic
Platinum Gloss Art Fibre 300 1FS_PlatGlossArtFibre_CanonPro100_Generic
Legacy Gloss 325 1FS_LegacyGloss_CanonPro100_Generic
Platinum Gloss 290 1FS_PlatGloss_CanonPro100_Generic
Platinum Gloss WT 290 1FS_PlatGlossWT_CanonPro100_Generic
Platinum Lustre 270 1FS_PlatLustre_CanonPro100_Generic


Platinum Etching 285 1FS_PlatinumEtching_CanonPro100_Generic
Smooth Cotton 300 1FS_SC300_CanonPro100_Generic
High White Smooth 315 1FS_HWS_CanonPro100_Generic
Platinum Matt 280 1FS_PlatMatt_CanonPro100_Generic
Platinum Cotton 305 1FS_PlatCotton_CanonPro100_Generic
Cotton Etching 305 1FS_CottonEtching_CanonPro100_Generic
Natural Textured 315 1FS_NT_CanonPro100_Generic
NT Bright White 315 1FS_NTBrightWhite_CanonPro100_Generic
Natural Soft Textured 315 1FS_NST_CanonPro100_Generic
NST Bright White 315 1FS_NSTBrightWhite_CanonPro100_Generic
High White Smooth Lite 215 1FS_HWSLiteCanonPro100_Generic
High White Smooth Lite Duo 225 1FS_HWSLiteDuoCanonPro100_Generic
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