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Retouching, Dyes & Sundries

Residual Hypo Tester 50ml

Powder to make: 
For: Black and White
Shipping: Worldwide Shipping Possible
The residual Hypo Tester is used to test the washing process of prints.

For example, you would run a test page through the washing process, and drop a bit of the hypo on the print. If it liquid turns yellow, the process/print is not clear of Fixer and you qould re-wash the actual prints.

The residual Hypo Test is a simple chemical test that can be used to determine if a print or film strip has been adequately washed. The test is based upon the formation of a yellow stain of sylver sulfide-silver thiosulfate on the white of atest print, or the clear area of a negativefilm stripwhen the test solution is applied.

The reliability of the test depends upon the washing procedure.

Shake well prior to each use.

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Residual Hypo Tester 50ml Residual Hypo Tester 50ml
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