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Fotospeed Papers

Fotospeed have developed our inkjet paper range alongside some of the world’s best photographers and printers. As camera technology has improved we have made sure all our media utilise the latest paper making and coating technologies to ensure the best possible result when printing.

For us, however, producing high quality inkjet papers is not enough. We want to make sure that anyone using our papers has the support and information to help ensure what they see on screen is what they see in print. 

'Read what Image maker had to say about our papers below;  March 2020


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Platinum Cotton 305

Platinum Cotton 305 is a 100% cotton, Acid & OBA free Fine Art paper with a smooth natural white surface. Platinum Cotton 305 use the latest coating technology resulting in a wide colour gamut and pin sharp detail.

'As the paper emerges from the printer, the first thing that you notice is that beautiful matte finish that can only be achieved from high-quality paper.'  Ali Jennings, Camera Jabber 2018


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Photo Quality Papers

The Photo Quality inkjet papers are the heart and soul of the Fotospeed inkjet paper range. The range comprises of your day to day go to papers and includes Lustre, Gloss and Matt finishes. Over the years, the Photo Quality range has won multiple awards and guarantee sharp quality image output time after time.

'Fotospeeds fantastic four (PF Lustre Duo 280, Photo Smooth Pearl 290, Metallic Gloss 275 and Matt Ultra 240) from £17.99 ; Photography News 2018


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Cotton Etching 305 Signature and Platinum Cotton 305

Cotton Etching 305 and Platinum Cotton 305 are both Fine Art Papers made in conjuction with two of the Photography worlds greats Doug Chinnery and Joe Cornish respectively.

'Personally I am delighted with the output on both papers in terms of colour and resolution of detail. Mike Prince-Landscapes 2018


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            See More on Platinum Cotton 305

Cotton Etching 305 Signature

Cotton Etching 305 is a 100% cotton Acid Free Fine Art paper with a white base. The surface has an etching texture which helps accentuate detail and gives a depth to you image. Cotton Etching 305 use the latest coating technology resulting in a wide colour gamut and pin sharp detail.

'If you are looking for a top-quality and versatile fine art paper, there is no doubt Cotton Etching 305 can deliver the quality of results' Photography News 2018


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Platinum Cotton 305

Platinum Cotton 305 is a 100% cotton, Acid & OBA free Fine Art paper with a smooth natural white surface. Platinum Cotton 305 use the latest coating technology resulting in a wide colour gamut and pin sharp detail.

'I’ve printed more than a dozen images on this paper so far and am happy to say it handles and looks very nice indeedTim Parkin, On Landscape 2018


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Kaiser R60 Ring Light

The Kaiser R60 LED Light is a powerful ring-light perfect for producing shadowless lighting for all forms of close-up photography. Comprising of 60 white light (daylight) LEDs, with an output of approximately 2300 lux at 30cm with a 52deg angle of illumination, the R60 is fully dimmable.

'The Kaiser R60 Ring Light is a neat little unit that is nicely priced' Photography News 2018


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Kaiser Action Strap

Fast access strap for DSLRs, compact system cameras and bridge cameras. Allows for safe and convenient carrying and fast and easy access for shooting. Ergonomic fit, runs diagonally across breast and back. Wide padded Neoprene shoulder rest with non-slip layer, quick release lock with 120° swivel-joint providing for a comfortable fit at the chest area. Additional tether strap, running under the armpit, to keep main strap in position, especially during fast moves.

'The fundemental design elements are excellent ticking all the right boxes' Amateur Photographer 2016


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Kaiser Star Cluster Midi 

The Kaiser Star Cluster Midi is the latest addition to the Kaiser range of compact LED lights, ideal for both Photo and video work all of which have been highly rated by the UK press.

'Overall, if you want a compact, easy-to-carry LED light for video or photo use, the Kaiser SmartCluster Midi is a neat unit well worth a look.' - Amateur Photographer 2016  


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Signature Inkjet Papers Reviewed - Photograhpy News

Four papers sit in Fotospeed’s Signature range offering a selection of surfaces that suit fine art and exhibition use. Each offers wide colour gamut, high D-Max and very clean paper bases. 

Our test here used an Epson Stylus 3880 printer with Epson inks and generic profiles these are free to download from Fotospeed’s website and are available for a wide range of printers.

Custom profiles will enable even better performance. Photo black ink was used for Platinum Baryta 300 and matt black ink for the three other papers. A selection of test images were used.


These are pictures used in previous paper and printer tests so are known quantities. An image of the X-rite ColorChecker Color Rendition Chart was also used. Prints were checked under a daylight-balanced light source.


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Photo Smooth Pearl 290 has a natural white base and an instant dry, micro-porous, coating.  The paper’s wide colour gamut and high D-MAX delivers beautiful images, both in colour and B&W. 

Following ILFORDS exit from the market back in 2013/14 Fotospeed worked on creating the perfect replacement product for the ILFORD Smooth Pearl 290. This paper has become a market leader and is the reliable go to paper for photographers the world over.

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IF YOU do a lot of inkjet photo printing at home the cost of ink can soon stack up, while the inconvenience of regularly running out of ink, especially during a printing session, can be particularly frustrating An inkflow system is designed to resolve both these issues, using refillable cartridges that draw ink from large bottles with at least five times the capacity of proprietary cartridges, giving up to an 85% reduction in cost...

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FOTOSPEED has a new line of panoramic inkjet paper, giving the option to print letterbox-style images without the need for specialist roll media. This 21Ox594mm size of this paper means that panoramic images can be printed using most A4 printers that have a rear gravity feed, as well as larger-format printers... 

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Fotospeed were one of the first companies to bring a truly usable Inkflow to the market. We have been producing Inkflows for over 12 years now and can provide an Inkflow for almost all Epson Desktop printers. (If you cannot see an Inkflow for your printer, simply contact us and we will source one for you)

Along with our high quality Inkflows are our Fotospeed Dye and Pigment inks. All Fotospeed Inkflows have a lifetime warranty on all parts, so you know your Inkflow will last!.

Image Maker Review

Amateur Photographer Review

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